Coaching for Change


Life Coaching is a conversation for change. . . one that taps into where you are now – asks where you’d like to be – and bridges the gap in between. Where would you like to see change in your life?

  • Relationships?
  • Money?
  • Physical health?
  • Spiritual well-being?
  • Self-care?

As your guide on this journey of change, I will walk with you as you envision your new future – take steps toward it – and actualize it. Together we’ll tap into what you know and fine-tune your awareness so you can make choices that are authentically yours. Along the way, I can fulfill various roles as required for you to choose beyond where you currently are. 

  • catalyst for change
  • acknowledger of you and your brilliance
  • advocate for you and your progress
  • “sounding board” at choice points
  • space of non-judgment


When clients have this kind of support they find themselves launching forward in leaps and bounds. 

What would your life be like if you chose a coaching partnership like this?  



Coaching is available in-person and via phone or Skype; in customized packages, tailored to your unique requirements.

  • One introductory 20-minute “Energetic Match” session
  • One-on-One Coaching 
  • Small group coaching of 4-8 people
  • Weekend Intensives 
  • Retreats in Nature 
  • On-demand coaching support packages 
  • Teleseminars and Webinars 

Some of Julie's favorite clients are:

  • Organizational Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Coaches
  • Healing practitioners
  • Teens

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Complimentary Session

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What does a COMPLEMENTARY Match Session look like?

In this 20-minute Skype/Zoom meeting, we will explore what it looks and feels like to be in a coaching relationship. One thing that I know from coaching clients is that a good energetic match between coach and client can create greater faster change. Curious? Book a session.