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A Day Without Mind Chatter

  • When was the last time you went through the day without a lot of internal “chatter” or the “inner critic”talking way too much?


  • Your mind is a brilliant part of your body – yet it sometimes gets carried away – and in your way of moving forward. (Sound familiar?)


  • Learn how to “team” with your Mind, so that it is “quieter” – more of a contribution to your whole self – and “energetically” operating efficiently.


  • Practice and integrate simple techniques for using the Mind to:
    • stay curious and ask questions,
    • identify choice points,
    • eliminate judgments,
    • clear negative thinking patterns, and
    • explore possibilities




What Is Your Body Telling You?

  • Your Body is another part of your team. It has tons of information that it would like to gift to you…are you ready and willing to receive that?


  • Learn how to communicate effectively with your Body – and watch it and your physical health change (with ease and speed!) Practice and integrate easy and convenient tools to relax and recharge your Body, regardless of where you are;
    • in the office,
    • on a plane,
    • in the train station,
    • at a concert,
    • in the car
    • or even at the grocery store!






Customize Your Living


  • What would it be like to live a life that actually works for you?


  • Explore your values and priorities - get to know them - so you can launch the next chapter of your life with these as your platform.


  • Acknowledge your gifts talents and capacities, that you may not be aware of, and use them to your full advantage in creating a life you truly desire. 


  • Generate and implement a customized living for a joyful sustainable life:
    • at work
    • at play
    • with your family
    • in your community groups
    • in ALL relationships like these

Complimentary Session

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